Cheryl Huber

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Q&A with Cheryl Huber | Realtor, CRS,ABR. AHWD, PSA

Cheryl and Barry have been married for 22 years and are the husband and wife team that leads Homes By Huber. Cheryl is also a member of the BNI Networking group Give.Gain.Grow. in Gallatin, Tennessee, and her networking skills led her to become the group’s first-ever 100-point member in March of 2023. She was named to the top realtors list for simpliHOM in April 2023.

Cheryl loves her family and her horses, is thankful Barry can change a tire in an emergency, and can always be seen wearing the color red as her fashion palette matches the simpliHOM color scheme with perfection! We sat down with Cheryl and asked her a few other important and intriguing questions so you can get to know more about her!

How do you describe yourself? I am a realtor, a wife, a mom and a GiGi.

Things you love: I love movies, reading books, shopping in little places off the beaten path, spending time with my friends and my grandchildren

Favorites in entertainment: I am a fair weather fan of most sports and when in a crowd I usually choose the underdog or the team against my husband…hmm what does that mean? I love going to the movies, love me some popcorn and milk duds! I enjoy listening to all types of music from Aretha Franklin to Miranda Lambert…80’s are still some of my favorites!

What is your ideal client?: I enjoy working with all clients. The first time buyers do capture my heart. I enjoy getting to know them and uncover what they are looking for and helping them to dream big…once that happens I hope to have a forever client!

What gives you the most satisfaction about the realty process?: I love watching people uncover things about themselves they didn’t realize: how cooking is important (kitchen is important) or they love gardening (need a yard instead of townhome). The best feeling is when a client calls me back in LOVE with their new home!

What is the one thing people don’t know about you?: I am really quiet…I enjoy time with friends but not in big groups. (Disclaimer: we believe Cheryl is one of the most social and wonderful people we know but she won’t admit it!)

If you could buy or sell a home in any place in the world and money was not an object, where would it be?: HMM. good question…I will have to think on this…I need time to ponder! The world is a big place 🙂

118 Saundersville Rd. Suite 450
Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075

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